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The Bronx is Blooming seeks to inspire a culture of environmental stewardship and community advocacy by engaging Bronx communities and youth as leaders in the beautification of local parks. Read More…


We have accomplished a lot of positive change since The Bronx is Blooming’s founding in 2011. With the help and support from people like you, we have implemented volunteer programs at 14 parks in the Bronx. We have completed 18,000 hours of service to our parks with the help of over 4,000 volunteers. It would take a single staff person 9 years of full time work to accomplish what our volunteers have done so far.

We are so proud of what we have accomplished, and are thankful for all the support from people like you. But we’re just getting started. The Bronx is Blooming continues to implement programs that foster environmental stewardship, engage in positive youth development, and promote community building.  We’re ready to expand our reach, intensify our programs, and increase our capacity.

Please consider donating to the Bronx is Blooming