Susan Lally

Director of CSM Program – Montefiore Medical Center

Susan Lally is a highly respected clinician and administrator. She is currently the supervisor of the Vocational Services at University Behavioral Associates, a subsidiary of Montefiore Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry. The program is a welfare‐to‐work initiative funded by the NYC Human Resources Administration. More than 350 program participants document employment on an annual basis. She was formerly employed as Associate Executive Director of a multi‐million dollar nonprofit organization where she was responsible for development and overall management of the organization’s supported housing programs including those designed as an alternative to hospitalization and the organization’s rehabilitation program services including supported and transitional employment programs and VESID funded training licensed by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS). These programs served the mentally ill, developmentally disabled, person substance abusers, and formerly homeless adults.

Prior to her position as Associate Executive Director, the New York State Office of Mental Health employed Ms. Lally as Supervisor of Residential Services and Housing Development Program Specialist. During her tenure with the State, Ms. Lally coordinated the development of all supported housing programs in New York City including those intended as an alternative to hospitalization and implemented the State’s new supported housing initiative by developing 650 units of permanent supported housing between 1990 and 1992. Ms. Lally also prepared the New York City portion of the State’s Shelter + Care application and established quality improvement and management protocols, developed monitoring tools, and developed measurable outcomes for use by voluntary nonprofit organizations.

Ms. Lally is experienced in working in behavioral healthcare services overseas. Her knowledge of psychiatric services for children, adolescents, single adults, and families proved invaluable in working with new immigrants and their families, developing short‐ term treatment interventions and a family therapy module for victims of child and spousal abuse. While working overseas, Ms. Lally was also employed as a psychiatric consultant to hospitals, medical practitioners and school health programs, and to rural and urban mental health programs.