With your help, The Bronx is Blooming has brought

  • Over 6,000 volunteers to projects in 17 Bronx Parks
  • 25,000 hours of service to our parks, communities and environment
  • 30,000 spring bulbs to our parks – including 15,000 daffodils from the New Yorkers for Parks Daffodil Project, a living memorial to 9/11
  • 2100 hours of post sandy clean up and restoration to our parks, bringing 500 volunteers to haul 250 cubic debris from our parks so that communities could get back to their daily lives
  • Program for Leaders Advancing their Community’s Environment (PLACE) that focused on 3 parks working with 25 high school and college students to lead 450 volunteers in service – building knowledge about environmental issues facing the Bronx, giving leadership experience to Bronx high school students and connecting communities to the environment.

This has all been done with the incredible support from our long-term collaborators.

As Spring starts, we need your help reaching our fundraising goal so we can train our youth leaders and do even more this season. Your contribution today will allow us to cover the costs of our work. We always need funds for things like plants, seeds, and tools – essentials for any effort to beautify our Bronx parks. And we’d love to be able to hire more team leaders for the summer program. More team leaders mean we can expand our program into more parks, affecting more communities as well as developing the leadership skills of more youth.

To donate online, please visit our Razoo fundraiser.


Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.