Company Service Days

The Bronx is Blooming partners with corporate groups from around the city and beyond, creating wonderful community engagement days for our volunteers. These groups actively create change while building team spirit and connecting to our local environment and community.

We work with groups of all sizes, from groups of 10 people to all the way up to 100+. No matter the group size, we can find something for your team to do. The scope of each project is dependent on the season and group size. Usually, large groups are broken into smaller teams that are assigned to a team leader. Typical projects include entrance garden restoration, tree stewardship, planting, and mulching horticultural areas. Our projects are often multifaceted, allowing groups to impact several areas of a park during a standard four-hour service project.

Our summer projects are special because our groups work with Bronx high school and college team leaders. Through a series of projects that impact park appearance and the local environment, these students gain the environmental knowledge and basic horticultural skills they need to lead your group.

Come join us for a great day of team building and environmental stewardship! Your staff will connect with each other as well as their environment, as our projects allow them to see the immediate impact of their teamwork on the quality of our parks.

If you would like to know more about how your company can get involved with us and start working in parks, please contact for more information!