About Us

Our Mission


The Bronx Is Blooming (BiB) engages communities and youth in environmental stewardship through the beautification of local parks. Our mission is to revitalize under-resourced open spaces in the Bronx and to inspire communities to advocate for their parkland. BIB accomplishes this by managing park restoration projects and by inspiring local youth to assume green leadership roles in ongoing maintenance efforts. This twofold approach creates a culture of civic participation that empowers Bronx residents to be drivers of local change and protectors of the borough’s natural resources.

Some of the parks have worked in the past are:

  • Crotona
  • Mosholu
  • St. Mary’s
  • Mullaly
  • Claremont
  • Maccombs Dam
  • Franz Siegal
  • Joyce Kilmer


Since 2011, we have:

  • Brought volunteer projects to 17 parks and green spaces in the Bronx
  • Engaged 16,000 volunteers in 89,000 hours of service
  • Stewarded over 11,000 trees
  • Run a Summer Leaders Program in 3 Bronx parks with 25 high school and college students, teaching basic horticultural skills and having our students use this knowledge to lead 450 volunteers in green restoration
  • Piloted a weekly youth leadership after-school program with 3 Bronx high schools, fostering a connection to the local environment and advocacy for environmental stewardship
  • Planted 30,000 spring bulbs, including over 15,000 daffodils donated by the New Yorkers for Parks Daffodil Project, a living memorial to 9/11

Our Director


Our founder, Jennifer Beaugrand, has worked in community-led horticulture in the Bronx since 2005. She began in the Parks Department and maintains a strong relationship with the agency. For three years, Jenn was the director of a community organizing based horticulture program for a Bronx nonprofit where she brought it from the ground up, establishing long-term programs and partnerships which she has maintained and carried into The Bronx Is Blooming.